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Deborah Birx Calls for Mass Testing for Bird Flu: What You Need to Know

Deborah Birx Calls for Mass Testing for Bird Flu: What You Need to Know

Deborah Birx Advocates for Mass Testing for Bird Flu

Testing for Disease Detection

Deborah Birx is once again advocating for mass testing, this time for the detection of bird flu. She is calling for cows and dairy workers to be tested to uncover asymptomatic infections and exposures in both animals and humans. Birx argues that we have the necessary technology and should use it to avoid repeating the mistakes made during the early stages of the Covid crisis.

The Role of Testing

While the role of testing in disease detection is generally accepted, it's worth discussing. At the start of the Covid crisis, despite being against lockdowns, I supported testing as a way to fill the knowledge gap that was causing public panic. If you're afraid of a disease and don't know if you have it, it's natural to comply with every directive out of fear.

The Purpose of Testing

The question that often gets overlooked in discussions about testing is why it's being done. Is it to track, trace, and isolate? This has been proven to be impossible for a fast-spreading and fast-mutating respiratory virus with a zoonotic reservoir. Despite this, many states hired thousands of contract tracers and developed contact tracing apps.

Birx's Approach to Testing

Birx, who was a key figure during the AIDS era when the goal was zero infections, is likely advocating for testing as a means to eradicate the virus. She is a proponent of zero Covid and believes that every policy should aim to reduce infections, cases, and even exposure to zero, despite the impossibility of this goal.

Early Intervention Therapies

Another possible reason for testing could be to identify early intervention therapies for those who need them. However, this is contingent on having therapeutics available and knowing with certainty that an asymptomatic infection will worsen.

Contagion and Disease Forensics

The film Contagion (2011) presents a scenario where a killer virus rapidly worsens and kills its victims. In the film, health authorities' job was to find the infected and notify everyone they had been in contact with. This approach didn't even work in the movie, but it did result in some impressive disease forensics.

Testing Beyond Humans

Birx's approach to testing extends beyond humans. She advocates for testing cows and chickens, and there's no reason to stop there. The cost of testing every member of the animal kingdom would be astronomical and would drastically increase the cost of meat production.

PCR Tests and Contagiousness

PCR tests, which can detect the presence of a virus, can lead to unwarranted assumptions of contagiousness. During the height of the pandemic, the New York Times reported that up to 90 percent of positive results did not warrant concern and should have been disregarded.

Suspicion of Testing

Given the issues with PCR tests, it's no surprise that people are skeptical of the test, track, trace, and isolate regime that Birx is proposing. Nothing is gained by causing society-wide panic when the tests themselves are poor at distinguishing between a mild exposure and a medically significant case.

The Conflation of Exposure, Infection, and Cases

The confusion between an exposure, an infection, and an actual case has been exacerbated by the use of PCR tests. The term "case" used to refer to someone who was sick and needed medical intervention. However, the language has changed, and now every documented PCR exposure is listed as a case, creating a sense of disaster.

Mass Extermination of Birds

The panic created by disease detection has led to drastic measures by public health authorities. Already, 4 million chickens have been ordered to be slaughtered, and more than 90 million birds have been killed since 2022.

The Consequences of Testing

The obsession with testing, whether in animals or humans, has led to destructive policies. The power of the government to compel disease tests and act on the results has caused damage in every instance. Yet, reporters let Birx continue without asking fundamental questions about severity, purpose, viability, or consequences.

Government Overreach

The aspiration of bureaucrats to manage the entire microbial kingdom is presumptuous. It's time for every citizen of a free nation to declare that their biology is not the government's business.

Final Thoughts

The debate around mass testing is complex and multifaceted. While it can provide valuable information, it's crucial to consider the implications and potential consequences. What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you believe mass testing is beneficial or harmful? Share this article with your friends and discuss it. Don't forget to sign up for the Daily Briefing, which is delivered every day at 6pm.

Some articles will contain credit or partial credit to other authors even if we do not repost the article and are only inspired by the original content.

Some articles will contain credit or partial credit to other authors even if we do not repost the article and are only inspired by the original content.

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